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Fun Stuff About Me ...
  • Survived a head-on horse-VW collision when I was 19. So did the horse, but we never spoke again.

  • Arrived early to interview former HEW Secretary Joseph Califano. He answered the door in his bathrobe and slippers, shaving cream on his face. He was not happy.

  • In 1966 some "friends" dared me to go into the Highland Arms Restaurant in Winsted, CT, with a sign making fun of Ralph Nader. I didn't know that his brother Shafeek owned the restaurant. Oops.

  • Wandered off a mountain trail. Faced a copperhead near my left foot, a yellowjackets' nest near my right foot. Escaped both, but lesson learned!

  • Saw Boston Red Sox rookie Clay Buchholz hurl a no-hitter in his first MLB outing on Sept. 1, 2007, blanking the Baltimore Orioles 10-0.

  • Shook hands with Tony Bennett, interviewed Miracle-on-Ice goalie Jim Craig, had a meal personally prepared by "Food Maven" Arthur Schwartz in his Connecticut home.

  • Hitchhiked 350 miles in one night in 30 degrees from Superior to Milwaukee, WI, when I was 23 years old and invincible.

  • Ran out of gas on a date when my fuel line broke. Had it towed, got it fixed, drove her home, end of story. We're still friends.

  • Drove 50 miles home after VW accelerator spring broke. Had to pull by hand on a coat hanger attached to accelerator cable. When that got disconnected, I limped the last 10 miles in second gear, grateful there were no more hills.

  • Walked into a bar dressed as Mark Twain, with white wig and mustache, ordered a drink, paid for it, said, "Yep, reports were exaggerated," drained my drink, walked out.

  • Made up only one of these stories. Could be this one. Not telling.

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