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Fun Stuff About Me ...
  • Survived a head-on horse-VW collision when I was 19. So did the horse, but we never spoke again.

  • Arrived early to interview former HEW Secretary Joseph Califano. He answered the door in his bathrobe and slippers, shaving cream on his face. He was not happy, but the interview went well.

  • In 1966 some "friends" dared me to go into the Highland Arms Restaurant in Winsted, CT, with a sign making fun of Ralph Nader. I didn't know that his brother Shafeek owned the restaurant. Oops.

  • Wandered off a mountain trail. Faced a copperhead near my left foot, a yellowjackets' nest near my right foot. Escaped both, but lesson learned!

  • Saw Boston Red Sox rookie Clay Buchholz hurl a no-hitter in his first MLB outing on Sept. 1, 2007, blanking the Baltimore Orioles 10-0.

  • Shook hands with Tony Bennett, interviewed Miracle-on-Ice goalie Jim Craig, had a meal personally prepared by "Food Maven" Arthur Schwartz in his Connecticut home.

  • Hitchhiked 350 miles in one night in 30 degrees from Superior to Milwaukee, WI, when I was 23 years old and invincible.

  • Ran out of gas on a date when my fuel line broke. Had it towed, got it fixed, drove her home, end of story. We're still friends.

  • Drove 50 miles home after VW accelerator spring broke. Had to pull by hand on a coat hanger attached to accelerator cable. When that got disconnected, I limped the last 10 miles in second gear, grateful there were no more hills.

  • Walked into a bar dressed as Mark Twain, with white wig and mustache, ordered a drink, paid for it, said, "Yep, reports were exaggerated," drained my drink, walked out

  • Made a solo road trip from Connecticut to California in 2021 to duplicate a trip my dad made in 1959. Writing a memoir about it.

  • Made up only one of these stories. Could be this one. Not telling.

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